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   Caribbean Lodging Directory - F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register property with LodgeSeek.com?
Everyone who owns/manages hotel(s), motel(s), bed and breakfast(s), guest house(s), resort(s), hostel(s), apartment(s), apart-hotel(s), villa(s), vacation rental(s), rural house(s), cottage(s), bungalow(s), cabin(s), camping(s) or self-catering accommodation(s) can register it/them in LodgeSeek.com.

How can I register my property with LodgeSeek.com?
The registration process is easy and fast. You can register your property performing the following steps:
- select "sign up" from the top-menu bar;
- fill in the registration form and submit it;
- select the type of membership;
- proceed with payment.

Can I register my property in more than one category?
No, the property cannot be registered in more than one category because it will appear twice in the listing of the city/town/village where the property is located.

Can I register my property in more than one location?
Yes, the property can be registered in more than one location. (for Premium and VIP members only)

How much does it cost to register my property with LodgeSeek.com?
LodgeSeek.com offers three membership types:
- BASIC membership - USD $50.00 / per year;
- PREMIUM membership - USD $100.00 / per year;
- VIP PERMANENT membership - USD $250.00 .

What is the differences between BASIC, PREMIUM and VIP membership?
You can check the differences at our signup page.

How can I make the payment?
The registration fee can be payed:
- online, through 2checkout.com or Paypal;
- via bank transfer.

Are there any discounts, if I wish to register more than one property?
Please contact us, if you wish to register more than one property .

Does LodgeSeek.com offer any reservation/booking system?
No, LodgeSeek.com does not offer any reservation/booking system. LodgeSeek.com provides direct communication between website visitors and the property owners.

Are there any hidden fees?
No, there are not any hidden fees.

When will my property become visible online?
Your property will be listed within 3 (three) business days from the date of payment.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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